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APPortunity - Surfacing Demand at the Speed of Tech

Apportunity = The APPlication of Technology to leverage OPPortunities that will to build a Healthier, Happier, More Equitable, and Sustainable Future for All

Join us at Requisite Agility’s flagship technology event, APPortunity Global Virtual Conference 2022

The Requisite Agility objective is to align businesses to address a broader definition of demand. Not just demand from “customer need” but also demands from a world full of unforeseen shocks, disruptions, and ambiguity. We are moving beyond a VUCA world towards a “never normal “situation where we need to sense better oncoming shocks and create environments to react at speed and with purpose. Geopolitical uncertainty, worldwide social, economic, and ecological problems, the implications of a global climate crisis are clear examples of demand that cripple organizations unless they act and act now.

APPortunity 2022 brings together leading tech innovators and pioneers from across the business, government, NGOs, the voluntary sector, and common interest groups. We will bring you stories of their successes and failures, vision and mission, and reveal insights you need to embrace COHERENCE to address four dimensions of demand…. right now.

No one can afford to be a bystander, so will you join us or risk falling behind?

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APPortunity 2022 aims to deliver all this and more in a completely immersive digital experience.

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Your delivery needs “pull” innovation from a global ecosystem of tech players. Our consultancy turns your business drivers into tech solutions and sustainable partnerships.


Map, strengthen, scale, and connect your tech ecosystem with your public services. Our program enables your agency to serve your constituents better with targeted technology and creative financing.


Find fast Product-Market Fit and forge strong relationships with the right investors, sponsors, mentors, and corporates. Collaborate to grow organizations and build innovative products and services to meet real needs.


Leverage our extensive global network, tools, and resources to find fitter solutions, make smarter investments and connect with our ecosystem through bespoke programs


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World Class Connectivity

We aim to forge game-changing tech partnerships based on proven Product-Market Fit for higher investment ROI. APPortunity is a Demand-driven connector for investors, startups, large and small corporations, government agencies, and private and public funding providers.

Tech Ecosystem Matchmaker

Our ecosystem blends industry, government agencies, public and private investment, and cutting edge tech solutions to spark collaborative innovation. Our Triple-Helix market-making process facilitates enduring partnerships across tech, demand, and finance. Our Demand-Driven approach improves PMF and ROI across the ecosystem.




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All things virtual. All in one place.

The APPortunity portal acts as your home base where you can plan your personal agenda around your requirements.

  • Plan your agenda and schedule sessions.
  • Sign up for interactive panel discussions.
  • Schedule one-on-one meetings.
  • Explore a variety of special programs by role, industry and more.
  • Interact with Requisite Agility experts in one-on-one meetings.
  • Apply for exclusive programs with targeted content and sessions designed to facilitate interaction between demand experts, solution providers and investors. Identify the right solutions for your needs by exploring our directory of solution providers and their product offerings.

Manage your APPortunity conference: attend scheduled panel sessions, interact afterwards with speakers at Birds-of-a-Feather sessions, hit up vendors, build community with other attendees, and explore different approaches to the problems that interest you.

  • Pick your sessions.
  • Participate during sessions with speakers and peers.
  • Get one-on-one face time with Requisite Agility experts.
  • Network with other attendees.
  • Real-time Q&A and demos from exhibiting solution providers.

Postconference, APPortunity attendance gives you access to all the recorded sessions in and on-demand library, so you can catch up on specific topics and sessions that you missed.

  • APPortunity content will continue to grow as we learn to deploy the Triple Helix market across sectors.
  • Listen to insights and best practices from leading solution providers.
  • Find peers with similar priorities and challenges, and band together to form a market from the demand side.
  • Get access to presentations and links to research and resources.
  • Develop a shortlist of solution providers to help address your mission-critical priorities

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Get your startup or idea in front of all our attendees, including global business leaders, experienced investors and some of the most influential people in tech. You can present your smart, market-ready solutions to a wide audience of venture capital, private and public investment, corporate executives, and strategic technology partners.



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Why Attend?

A global network of accomplished government investment officials, CSR investors, startups, independent developers, VCs, accelerators and incubators, and prominent visionaries of social organization are converging in June 2021 for an exclusive 3 day series of Driven-by-Demand panel talks, problem pitches, a tech expo, keynotes from exciting cross-sector partners, and exclusive commentary from respected industry analysts. APPortunity will also provide an arena for credible Start-Ups to pitch their ideas and projects to public and private investors, from venture capital to state-sponsored incubation services.

Who should Attend?

  • Executives looking for out of the box solutions to deep unglamorous technical delivery issues
  • Startup Founders and Engineers
  • Investors, Accelerators, and Incubators

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