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As someone who shares our passion for the impact of collaboration in the digital age, we hope you’re excited to share what we’re doing! Down below you’ll find banners & logos, video, social media updates, ready-to-go blog posts, email templates, photos, and more to help you share the APPortunity 2021 Conference.

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These updates can be scheduled on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn or Google+ and used across various social media channels. If you only do one thing, please share a status update on your favorite social network – it will only take one second and will truly help spread the message! Of course, you can craft your own, but here are a few ideas to get you started!

Early Bird Saving (March 21st to May 03 May, 2021):


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Note: Substitute https://apportunity.community/event2021/ with your affiliate URL.

Copy for Blog Posts/Blurbs/Newsletters/Discussions

Feel free to tweak the language in a way that matches your voice or save time and use our copy.

  • Do you want your tech product to find market fit FAST? Attend APPortunity 2021 and discover real-world Demand. Prosper as a solution-provider in the digital world based on real world cases. Take advantage of super saver registration discounts and secure your seat early! Registration is limited to ensure attendees get the full benefit of this exclusive Conference. Register today! Click on the link for more details. https://apportunity.community/event2021/
  • I am very glad to invite you to APPortunity 2021! Keynote Presentation topics include Challenge Pitches from delivery experts, Shark Tank Plus, and much more! I’m sure you’ll be delighted to meet other innovators from varying disciplines that will share their expertise and stimulate collective ideation and innovation. So if you’re looking for a rewarding event that will give you the advantage in your tech entrepreneur journey, reserve your seat today! https://apportunity.community/event2021/
  • Do you want to learn about untapped, lucrative markets waiting for innovation? APPortunity 2021brings you the latest Demand Challenges to meet with your solution engineering. Demand turns your product company into a solution company and drives out PMF risk from your portfolio. Reserve your seat now! To know more about this event, click on the link: https://apportunity.community/event2021/
  • Join us as we discover the latest in Demand-Driven tech solutions at APPortunity 2021! This is a rare opportunity for visionaries and innovators to learn from real world, lived experiences of delivery experts blocked by lack of innovation. Meet like-minded people, exchange your ideas and strategies, find solutions and close deals. Attendees’ expectations are sure to be met as we will be hosting a Demand-Driven Hackathon as well as a Shark Tank Plus with real life exemplars and real time solutions proffered. Knowing the current demand-driving challenges in industry and government will help you find product-market fit FAST. https://apportunity.community/event2021/
  • Get inspired by leading delivery experts in industry and government at APPortunity 2021, the tech innovation event of the year, as they present the challenges and market opportunities they want to solve with your tech. The demand experts will meet the investment experts who want to capitalize this market for your tech. Meet the “who’s who” of the tech ecosystem! To learn more about the conference, visit the link. https://apportunity.community/event2021/
  • I’m spreading the word about APPortunity 2021, a fantastic innovation conference this coming June. The conference will cover a new way of unearthing value for innovators and investors by leveraging Demand-Driven problem pitches straight from delivery experts. We’re going to have fun hacking problems and then analysing the findings in interactive discussions hosted by contemporary thinkers! You can find out more details about APPortunity 2021 here: https://apportunity.community/event2021/ Hope to see you aboard!
  • Are you eager to bring more of your tech investment portfolio to exit? Discover pressing needs in industry and governance, promote the solutions that meet them, and fund the smartest bets in a “Triple Helix Market”. Widen your connections in the tech ecosystem. Grab this APPortunity – register today and get up to 25% off super saver registration. https://apportunity.community/event2021/

Note: Substitute https://apportunity.community/event2021/ with your affiliate URL.


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