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Shark Tank Plus: Driven by Demand


Pitch Your Innovation To Investors and Services

Meet Demand » Find Product-Market Fit » Get Funded

Only APPortunity 2021 promises you a chance to get immediate market feedback from both the Investment side and the Demand side at the same time: Shark Tank Plus. You will have heard about who needs help, now show them what exactly your products will do for them, demonstrate PMF, and ask for the funding you deserve. Present your breakthrough investment opportunities to an exclusive audience of Venture Capitalists, Private Investors, Investment Bankers, Corporate Investors, and Demand Partners.

Why should you participate?

1-on-1 Networking

Connect and meet with active investors over the course of two and a half days leveraging our meeting app and conferencing solutions


The demand-proving process before and during the presentation increases the chances of fast Product-Market Fit for startups, and increases ROI for investors.

Top Innovator
Presentation Slot

Gain visibility for your venture by presenting live and being recognized as one of the Top Innovators

Featured Company
Coaching Session

Opportunity to present to active investors and demand-side experts, receiving crucial feedback that will improve your product and make it better suited to meet the demand available in the market.

Featured Company

Presenters have their 2 page company profile included in the event guide which is distributed to all attendees and investors

New connections
& experience

Learn and improve by listening to other pitches, discover new sources of demand for your solution, and connect to partners, investors, sponsors, and clients.

How does it work?

The Shark-Tank Plus: Driven by Demand Pitching Session is an online event, where tech startup founders pitch their solutions and get immediate feedback from demand-side executives and workers delivering fundamental services around the world, as well as investors, business angels, active CVC and VC firms, and publicly-funded accelerators!

Our aim is to improve ROI for investors by delivering Product-Market Fit more quickly and accurately, empower great startup teams in their fundraising journey, get solutions to people who need them, help active investors find new promising startups for their pipeline and facilitate deal-making between participants.

Pitch your startup, meet demand, catch the attention of investors with your great PMF, and grow in the tech ecosystem!

What are the outcomes?

Triple-Helix Partnership Opportunities

Connect with investors, partners, sponsors, and clients during the sessions. Feature your startup on APPortunity active social media channels, newsletter and the tech ecosystem.

Chance to get clients and funding

Unique opportunity to pitch live to active demand-side and finance-side partners, meet demand, and become part of high-ROI Demand-Driven investment deals.


Describe your customer: their work, the mission of their organization, the services that they deliver, and their customers.
Describe the element of their delivery that is the hardest or most frustrating, that if made smoother would allow them to deliver the most value to their customers.
Describe the objective measurable effects (and the measurement mechanics) of solving the problem in terms of value delivery to their customers, e.g. shorter lead times (RFP-to-invoice interval), increased range (fleet vehicle data collection, fuel cost), improved accuracy (false positive rate, false negative rate).
Describe your solution: specific actions, tools, technologies, and processes that will be applied to resolve the problem, and the metrics of benefit you predict will improve as a result.
Describe the pricing model for the intervention or solution, and how it relates to the value of the solution in terms of the Question 1 delivery mission. And briefly describe other ways that the provision of this solution benefits you, the provider: e.g. your father suffers from Alzheimers and your solution would enable Alzheimers caregivers to achieve better outcomes.
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